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I Know How You Feel: The Sensate on Amid The Imaginary

Calabasas, CA to Mission Control

Copy. AOS confirmed, Calabasas.

Below we have the first paragraph of a Paranormal/Urban Fantasy novel. As always, to remain unbiased no cover will be shown and the title is found at the end of this post. My comments on the flip side:

Hani reached for the bar’s door handle. He made two unsuccessful attempts to turn the knob as it slid in his sweaty hand. Finally, he hitched the strap for his guitar case up higher on his shoulder, wiped his hand on his jeans, and got a good grip on the thing.

Relax. You’ve practiced hard, and it’s just an open-mic. The world’s not ending.

Great job here at starting things off with a disturbance. The main character is about to perform in front of an audience and he’s nervous about it, something we can all identify with I think (not that I’d do anything musical in front of a crowd without at least three drink in me). This paragraph also establishes who the main character is, where he is and what he’s about to do.

See the rest of the review at “Amid The Imagnary.”

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